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Standard Industrial Classification - Establishments (SIC-E) 1980


The SIC-E is a system for classifying establishments according to their primary activity. It is used to facilitate the collection, tabulation, presentation and analysis of production and related data. As a reference manual, the SIC-E provides a classification structure; a classified index, which includes industry definitions and examples to clarify the content of each industry; an alphabetical index, comparison tables between this and the previous SIC; as well as an introduction specifying the concepts and definitions underlying the classification and providing a user's guide to the interpretation of the classification.

Please note that the SIC-E has been replaced by NAICS Canada. Once implementation of NAICS Canada is complete, the SIC-E will be discontinued.

 A  Agricultural and Related Service Industries
 B  Fishing and Trapping Industries
 C  Logging and Forestry Industries
 D  Mining (including Milling), Quarrying and Oil Well Industries
 E  Manufacturing Industries
 F  Construction Industries
 G  Transportation and Storage Industries
 H  Communication and Other Utility Industries
 I  Wholesale Trade Industries
 J  Retail Trade Industries
 K  Finance and Insurance Industries
 L  Real Estate Operator and Insurance Agent Industries
 M  Business Service Industries
 N  Government Service Industries
 O  Educational Service Industries
 P  Health and Social Service Industries
 Q  Accommodation, Food and Beverage Service Industries
 R  Other Service Industries