Discount fare traffic, by sector (quarterly)

Discount fare traffic, by sector (quarterly)
For purposes of statistical tabulations, fare codes reported by the air carriers are grouped by general fare type. These fare types are defined as follows:
First class: The transportation of a passenger or passengers for whom premium-quality services (e.g. larger seats, complimentary bar) are provided.
Business class: A fare level which is less expensive than first class and more expensive than the basic fare level. It includes different amenities (e.g. larger seats, advanced seat assignment.)
Economy: A basic fare level which is less expensive than first class but does not include the amenities (e.g. larger seats, complimentary bar) of the first class fare.
Discount: A reduced fare usually subject to one or more travel restrictions, the price of which is usually calculated as a percentage reduction from the normal full fare. It includes various discount fares such as charter class, seat sales, advance purchase excursion, group.
Other: Represents industry and agency discount fares, military as well as unknown fare codes.
The average fare is obtained by dividing the carriersÂ’ revenue by the passenger volume, as measured by coupon origin and destination.
The average domestic air fares at city level are the average for all coupons originating in that city, for all domestic destinations. The level of average fares can be affected by changes in travel patterns, as well as prices.