Manufacturing sales, by subsector, by province and territory (Nova Scotia)

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Manufacturing sales, by subsector, by province and territory
(Nova Scotia)
  2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
  $ millions
All manufacturing industries 10,459.8 9,450.2 7,347.1 7,729.3 8,052.7
Food 2,053.2 x x 2,397.0 2,444.9
Beverage and tobacco products x x x x 204.7
Textile mills x x x x x
Textile product mills x x x x x
Clothing x x x x x
Leather and allied products x 3.7 x x x
Wood products 448.1 409.3 387.4 403.5 465.3
Paper x x 637.4 635.0 558.0
Printing and related support activities x 103.5 x x x
Petroleum and coal products x x x x x
Chemicals x x 281.5 x x
Plastics and rubber products x 1,416.1 1,471.1 1,476.1 1,501.8
Non-metallic mineral products x 194.3 x x 189.6
Primary metals x x x x x
Fabricated metal products x 311.6 345.7 342.2 349.0
Machinery x 183.5 x 183.3 180.1
Computer and electronic products x 161.7 158.9 153.9 166.8
Electrical equipment, appliances and components x x x x x
Transportation equipment x x 812.0 x x
Furniture and related products x 58.1 x x x
Miscellaneous manufacturing x x x x x

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