Workshop series

Please select a workshop from the list below:

  1. Developing Satisfaction Surveys (2 Days) 10H0068.
  2. How to Use Census Data (1 Day) 92H0009.
  3. Introduction to Basic Statistics (1 Day) 10H0104.
  4. Introduction to Survey Methods (2 Days) 10H0090.
  5. Introduction to the Development and Design of Survey Questionnaires (1 Day) 10H0102.
  6. Making Sense of Survey Data (3 Days) 10H0076.
  7. Statistics Canada's Supply-Use Framework (1 Day) 15H0010.
  8. Survey Sampling & Questionnaire Design (2 Days) 10H0082.
  9. Surveys from Start to Finish (3 Days) 10H0085.
  10. Turning Statistics into Stories (1 Day) 10H0083.
  11. Understanding Demographic Data (1 Day) 10H0086.
  12. Understanding and Interpreting Data (2 Days) 10H0067.

Our Workshop Series provides you with direct access to Statistics Canada's extensive survey methodology and analysis experience. 

From designing surveys to interpreting and using statistical data in your day-to-day business, we have the course to suit your needs.

All instructors are professional staff with broad experience and knowledge in their field of expertise and in training.

For your information, please review the cancellation policy:

  • Cancellations received in writing 7 business days prior to the start date of the workshop will receive a full refund. After that date no refunds will be made, but a one-time substitution will be permitted.
  • Please advise the Workshop Coordinator 3 business days before the workshop for substitutions.
  • Travel and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of the workshop participants.
  • Individuals requiring special accommodations should inform Statistics Canada at least four weeks prior to the workshop date.
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