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Friday, December 15, 2017

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Monthly Survey of Manufacturing, October 2017

Manufacturing sales declined 0.4% to $53.5 billion in October, following two consecutive monthly increases. Sales of motor vehicles and other transportation equipment accounted for most of the decline in October.

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Employment Insurance Coverage Survey, 2016

The eligibility rate for receiving regular Employment Insurance benefits was 85.4% in 2016, up from 82.8% in 2015. The increase was most notable among people aged 25 to 44 and men of all ages.

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Natural gas transmission, storage and distribution, October 2017

Natural gas transmission pipelines received 555.0 million gigajoules of natural gas from fields, gathering systems and plants in October. Six provinces posted receipts, with Alberta (73.0%) and British Columbia (24.6%) holding the vast majority.

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Economic accounts

Pension Satellite Account, 2016

Pension wealth rose 3.8% to $3,603 billion by the end of 2016, following a 5.1% gain in 2015. This was the eighth consecutive year that pension wealth increased.

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Retail and wholesale

Monthly Survey of Large Retailers, October 2017

Monthly data from the large retailers program are now available for October.

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Exports of grains by final destination, October 2017

Data on exports of grains by final destination are now available for October.

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New products

Latest Developments in the Canadian Economic Accounts

Catalogue number Catalogue number13-605-X, (PDF)

Employment Insurance Coverage Survey - Public Use Microdata File, 2016

Catalogue number Catalogue number89M0025X, (EFT)

New studies and articles

Catalogue numberThe 2014 to 2016 revisions of the Income and Expenditure Accounts

Latest Developments in the Canadian Economic Accounts

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