Client information


For the purposes of this statement, Client is defined as any person, business, institution or organization who is in contact with Statistics Canada for the purpose of accessing, for free or for a fee, Statistics Canada’s data, products, services or information.

Note: This definition does NOT apply to people, organizations, institutions or businesses who respond to surveys; their personal information is protected by the Statistics ActSee also When you give information in a Statistics Canada survey.

Client Information is defined as personal information obtained from or supplied by clients for the purpose of completing a sales transaction; invoicing; or delivering data, products, services or information. This is usually financial information (such as a credit card number) or contact information (such as a client’s name -- individual, business, institution or organization; address; telephone and facsimile numbers; e-mail address, etc.) but also encompasses any other information provided by a client (such as custom specifications or specific products ordered).