Results highlights

Results highlights
What funds were used? (2015-16 Actual spending) Who was involved? (2015-16 Actual full-time equivalents [FTEs])
$517,560,565 5,087

Statistics Canada undertook and completed a number of important initiatives during the fiscal year. These accomplishments included:

  • successful completion of preparations for the Census of Population and the Census of Agriculture—with early collection activities beginning for both programs
  • development of an integrated communications strategy and of components of the Integrated Collection and Operation System required to support the censuses
  • progress on items in the mandate letter of the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development: restoration of the long-form census, improving the quality of publicly-available data in Canada including developing an Open Data initiative and making more data available to the public, and updating the legislation governing Statistics Canada to reinforce the Agency's independence
  • release of new data products including a revised set of macroeconomic accounts estimates and information from the Job Vacancy and Wage Survey
  • completion of the International Statistical Fellowship Program, an initiative to strengthen national statistical systems in developing countries, address gaps in leadership and management, and create capacity to produce reliable statistics.
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