Communication Improvements

1. Description of the Initiative

In response to the recommendation to reduce business frustration and provide stakeholders with pertinent information, Statistics Canada will:

  1. Review and update its communication methods with survey respondents, to assist their understanding of the links between the information collected and the benefits of its uses;
  2. Better convey the importance and use of business surveys to participants;
  3. Enhance its website and improve the visibility and content of information tailored to inform survey participants;
  4. Engage small business associations to communicate benefits of surveys.

2. How will Red Tape be reduced?

This initiative will not directly reduce red tape but rather allow survey respondents to have a better understanding and buy-in on the importance of the survey data and their participation. To do so:

  • New sections will be created providing better information and posted on the website;
  • Printed communications materials will be improved or created;
  • Social media venues will be utilized;
  • Industry associations will be contacted and engaged.

3. How will business benefit?

Business will benefit in the following ways:

  • Better understanding of the use and benefits of the survey data;
  • Better access to information;
  • Reduced frustration.

4. Who are the participating Departments?

Statistics Canada

5. What are the implementation milestones?

  • 2013-2014: Improve Statistics Canada website; create or improve printed materials; contact various industry associations.