Corporate management reporting

Corporate management reporting includes annual and quarterly reports, proactive disclosures as well as other information and reporting pertaining to Statistics Canada.

Departmental Plan 2022-2023

Performance goals for the coming fiscal year.

Previous Departmental Plans

NB: Prior to 2017-2018, the Departmental Plan as known as the Report on Plans and Priorities

Departmental Results Report 2020-2021

Performance targets met for the previous fiscal year.

Previous Departmental Result Reports

NB: Prior to 2016-2017, the Departmental Results Report as known as the Departmental Performance Report

Proactive disclosure reports

Proactively published information on expenses, spending, human resources, and briefing notes.

Quarterly financial reports

Quarterly financial reports outlining results, risks and significant changes in operations, personnel and program.

Fees Report 2020-2021

Information about the fees that Statistics Canada had the authority to set for services, licences, permits, products, the use of facilities, and other items.

Previous fees reports

Completed Access to Information Requests

Search the summaries of completed Access to Information (ATI) requests

Access to Information and Privacy Annual Report 2020-2021

Annual report on access to information requests and privacy requests, breaches, and impact assessments.

Previous Access to Information and Privacy Annual Reports

Evaluation reports

Evaluation reports for programs and services at Statistics Canada.

Internal audit reports

Audit reports for programs and services at Statistics Canada.

Internal reviews

Internal reviews performed at Statistics Canada


Public consultations and reports on completed consultations

Other reports

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