Statistics Canada is conducting a National Cannabis Survey

Ottawa, February 16, 2018

In 2018, Statistics Canada will be conducting a survey aimed at better understanding cannabis use in Canada.

The National Cannabis Survey is part of a larger initiative underway at Statistics Canada to track the impact of the legalization of non-medical cannabis, a change that may come into effect by mid-year.

Each quarter, a sample of 12,000 households will receive an invitation to complete the 21-question online survey. In addition to frequency of use, amount and types of product consumed, and prices paid, Canadians will be asked about changes in their behaviour or consumption patterns. Respondent information will be kept strictly confidential; data are collected under the authority of the Statistics Act.

Survey results will be released five to six weeks after the end of each collection period. Results will be used in conjunction with other data sources to ensure that Canadians are well-positioned to understand the economic, health and social impacts of legalization.

The National Cannabis Survey differs from Statistics Canada’s recently-launched crowdsourcing platform, which collects information online on previous cannabis transactions.

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