Statistics Canada releases National Cannabis Survey data for second quarter of 2018

Ottawa, August 9, 2018

Statistics Canada has released data from the National Cannabis Survey for the second quarter of 2018.

The data provide a portrait of cannabis use among Canadians aged 15 and older, during the three months preceding the survey. The release also looks at driving and being a passenger in a vehicle where the driver has consumed cannabis within 2 hours of driving. For the second quarter, coverage has been expanded beyond the provinces to include information on the three territorial capitals.

Collection for the third quarter will begin on August 16th. Respondent information will be kept strictly confidential; data are collected under the authority of the Statistics Act.

The National Cannabis Survey is part of larger efforts underway at Statistics Canada to track the impact of the legalization of non-medical cannabis, a change that is set to come into effect this fall. Survey results will be used in conjunction with other data sources to ensure that Canadians are well-positioned to understand the economic, health and social impacts of the change in legislation.

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