The road to the 2021 Census begins

The questions are now online

Ottawa, July 17, 2020

The questions which will make up the 2021 Census are now public and have been published in the Canada Gazette. The questions for the census short and long forms and other documentation are now available on Statistics Canada's website.

Anil Arora, Chief Statistician of Canada, indicated that today's announcement will be an important step on the road to a successful census which will yield vital information.

"Canadians have relied on census data to tell us about how our country is changing and what matters to us, for over a century. Canadians in all walks of life depend on key socio-economic trends and analysis from the census to make important decisions that affect our families, our neighbourhoods and our businesses."

Statistics Canada will conduct the next census in May 2021, and the questions being asked reflect our needs for information based on rigorous testing.

We anticipate nearly 100% participation by all Canadians and 80% of them are expected to complete the questionnaire through an efficient, secure and user-friendly online application. The census has been redesigned to ensure Canadians and census enumerators are safe by limiting the amount of contact needed to participate in this important exercise.

For an exclusive and in-depth look at the census, one of Canada's largest peacetime operations, and to know more of its history, how it is planned and how the 2021 edition will be conducted, please consult Painting a Portrait of Canada: The 2021 Census of Population online.

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