StatCan Blog

October 28, 2018

Update December 3, 2019 - Collection for financial data from banking institutions was stopped in November 2018.

October 23, 2018

Over the last year, Statistics Canada has been working to track the socio-economic implications of cannabis legalization, producing statistical insights into everything from rates of consumption, to the prices Canadians are paying across the country.

In a recent study, the agency looked at how accessible cannabis will be immediately following the change in legislation, relative to a similar regulated commodity: liquor.

October 9, 2018

Every day we use it. It is an important part of our lives that is driven by data and social connectivity. Canadians form opinions and make decisions based on data. But who decides the information needs, what data are collected and how they are used?

Want to be part of these decisions? You can be!

During the week of October 15-19, Statistics Canada will host its first ever “Engaging Canadians: Statistics Canada's National Dialogue” featuring online consultations, WebEx forums, teleconferences and roundtable discussion in cities across Canada.