Consultation types

Consultations on program development and initiatives

When developing its programs to meet the requirements of an evolving social and economic environment, Statistics Canada often seeks the input of its clients, data users and key stakeholders to ensure that changes to its survey programs are relevant and appropriate.

Client satisfaction

Statistics Canada conducts client satisfaction assessments to ensure that its products and services respond to client needs. Programs each have consultations conducted with their respective clients to review their performance.

Website usability testing

This type of consultation helps the Agency tailor its website modules to user needs and ensure any new website design is functional, intuitive for its intended audience and focused on tasks users want to accomplish. These client consultations usually involve one-on-one interviews or focus groups.

Question of the month

Each month, Statistics Canada invites Canadians to discuss, comment and vote on a question related to their satisfaction with one of its products and services. Each question is posted online for a month, and users may vote once on each question. Results are made available in real time.