Working at Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada is dedicated to giving Canadians access to a trusted source of information. We hire economists, systems programmers, sociologists, mathematicians, health scientists, accountants, geographers and statisticians to help us create the data that Canadians need.

Who we are

Statistics Canada is Canada’s trusted source of information. We are all about numbers, data and statistics, but the work we do cannot be defined simply by “how many.” The statistical data we accumulate are used to inform our business partners and all Canadians. When Canadian businesses want to make informed decisions, they knock on our door.

Watch our video “We are Statistics Canada” for more details.

What we do

Statistics Canada produces statistics that help Canadians better understand their country—its population, resources, economy, society and culture. We produce statistics for all provinces, as well as for the federal government. We also conduct surveys on almost every aspect of Canadian life, the most well known of which is the national census, which is conducted every five years.

For more information about what we do, visit About us.

100 years and counting

Statistics Canada celebrated a significant milestone in 2018—its 100th anniversary. Take a look back at our history to see where we came from and what we have done over the past century. Our agency is dedicated to evolving alongside Canadians to better serve our partners and the country as a whole.

For more information about how the census has evolved, visit More than a century of censuses in Canada.

For more information on how Canadian statistics legislation has changed over time, visit A hundred years and more of statistics acts.

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