Feeds – Help

What is a feed?

A feed is a text format that allows users with the appropriate news reader to have new information or content from a website delivered to them automatically – without having to go to the website to get it.

Please note that feed formats may vary between websites. Statistics Canada feeds follow the same specifications that are used on the Government of Canada website.

Why use feeds?

Feeds allow you to:

  • receive the most up-to-date information published by Statistics Canada on the subjects of your choice;
  • personalize your feeds by subscribing only to subjects that are of interest to you; and
  • read your feeds when you want by using a feed reader.

How do I subscribe to feeds?

  1. Go to Statistics Canada's Feeds webpage.
  2. Add feeds to your reader.
    1. Click or select the feed link of your choice.
    2. Copy the URL path of the feed.
    3. Open your reader.
    4. Paste the URL path in your reader.
  3. Your feed reader will periodically check our website for updates. Visit your reader often to view the ones you selected.

How do I get a feed reader?

Some browsers already contain built in support for tracking and reading feeds. Often, in those browsers, all you have to do to subscribe to the feed is to select the link.

An alternative to using your web browser is to download feed reader software. There are numerous feed readers available for free or for purchase on the Internet.

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