Video - 2021 Census: Thank you, Canada!

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2021 Census: Thank you, Canada! - Video transcript

(The Statistics Canada symbol and Canada wordmark appear on screen with the title: "2021 Census: Thank you, Canada!")

(The 2021 Census logo is on screen.)

Canada, thank you for participating in the 2021 Census.

(The statistics "98.0% response rate" and "84.1% online" appear on screen.)

(Boxes appear with the words "Completed my Census" in them).

Together, we set our best online response rate ever.

(Boxes appear with the words: "Completed my Census!!!!!!", "#CENSUS2021", "So happy to contribute! Completed my Census", "Doing my part #Census2021", "That was super easy…"

The 2021 Census is a resounding success as your support and trust will lead to high quality data we all need to make decisions that truly matter from coast to coast, for our families and future generations.

(The words "Thank You!" appear on screen)

For that, all of us at Statistics Canada say thank you.

(A timeline appears on screen with the seasons "Winter 22, Spring 22, Summer 22, Fall 22, Winter 22-23")

Look for the first release on February 9th and future releases throughout 2022…

(The text: "Canada's growing population and where they are living" appears on screen)

(The text: "Canada's shifting demographic profile (age, sex, gender, types of dwelling)" appears on screen)

(The text: "Portrait of Canada's families and households, Contemporary portrait of Canadian Veterans and, Income profiles of Canadians" appears on screen)

(The text: "First Nations, Métis and Inuit in Canada and Canada's housing portrait" appears on screen)

(The text: "Linguistic diversity and use of English and French in Canada" appears on screen)

(The text: "Portrait of Canada's diverse population (immigration, religion and ethnocultural diversity, and mobility)" appears on screen.)

(The text: "The changing dynamics of the Canadian labour force and how people get to work and, Instruction in the official minority language" appears on screen.)

…on such topics as growing and diverse population, a shifting demographic profile, our veterans, our families and households, our Indigenous communities and our rich linguistic diversity.

(The text: ""Your census, your stories: Canada's portrait" appears on screen.) 

"Your census, your stories: Canada's portrait".

(Statistics Canada's website appears on screen "" with the text "Data to insights for a better Canada" underneath it)

For more information visit

(Canada wordmark is on screen)