2016 Census of Agriculture benefits farmers

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Release date: April 28, 2016
2016 Census of Agriculture benefits farmers - Transcript

Description of visuals

(A collage of many farm types: corn fields, greenhouse, pigs, cows. It transitions to being seen on a computer screen.)

The farm industry is a modern, complex and growing part of the Canadian economy. We need reliable information to make informed decisions on the future of the Canadian agricultural sector.

(We cut to a young woman sitting at a table watching this on her computer. She looks up when the door opens. A man walks in and comes to the table and sits down. He pours himself a cup of coffee and sips it.)

Nadine: "How are you doing, Dave?"

Dave: "Exhausted but good."

(Dave sits down across from Nadine.)

Dave: "What are you doing?"

Nadine: "I'm completing my census questionnaire."

Dave: "The census - they always send that out around seeding. I'm just too busy."

Nadine: "No no, I'm completing it online. Way faster this time."

Dave: "What?"

Nadine: "Well, I just received my letter and it gives me a secure access code to complete the census online."

Dave: "Where's the questionnaire?"

Nadine: "Oh they're not sending the paper questionnaire out with the letter this year. Just the online access code. It's way easier."

Dave: "Easier for you."

Nadine: "No, really. If you want the paper questionnaire, you can request it, whereas this is right in front of you. It adds up all the numbers for you, and automatically skips parts that aren't relevant to your operation."

(The woman completes her work on the computer and shows it to the man, who stands up to look at it.)

Nadine: "And there. I'm done. See? Didn't take nearly as long as it used to."

Dave: "Well, aren't you smart."

Nadine: "That's what I've been telling you."

(The man looks at his phone. The man and woman both laugh. The picture blurs.)

Dave: "Hey, Ted's tweeting that he just completed the census."

Nadine: "Ted - always bragging (laughs)."

Nadine: "Ooh I know, I'll reply that I already did mine. That's going to drive him nuts (both laugh)."

(We see the url www.census.gc.ca.)

Watch for your Census of Agriculture letter in the mail this May. Save time and complete it online at www.census.gc.ca.

(The website address fades to black, and the Canada wordmark fades in.)

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