2016 Census: Thank You Canada!

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Release date: August 29, 2016
2016 Census: Thank You Canada! - Transcript

Description of visuals

(A cartoon image of a laptop with the completed online questionnaire filled in with black dots on its screen appear. The black dots float from the laptop and create a large circle, the text "The 2016 Census is a success…" pops inside.)

(Previous text transitions to "Because of you!")

(Screen grabs of "census selfies," Facebook posts, tweets, positive comments from users, and media headlines scroll across the screen within the cartoon image of a smartphone.)

  • (Media headline written by Craig Silverman, Buzzfeed Canada Founding Editor: Canadians are completely nerding out on the long-form Census. We are a country of keeners and proud of it.)
  • (Philip Bulsink tweeted: I was so excited to do our #Census 2016 that I did it as soon as it showed up on Monday. So, I missed the #CensusSelfie trend! ☹)
  • (Statistics Canada posted an image of an owl on Facebook along with the caption: The #2016Census online questionnaire goes live today! It also just so happens to be the 18th anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. Please help us do an accurate muggle count and respond online, by traditional mail, phone or even carrier owl.)
  • (Statistics Canada tweeted: The #2016Census has arrived! Complete your questionnaire online today!; and also, Happy #CensusDay! Celebrate by completing your #2016Census to help shape your community.)
  • (Amira H Ali tweeted a picture of her census envelope and letter along with the caption: All done! #Census2016 #censusselfie. Didn't get the long form ;( but very happy that it is back!)
  • (Media headline from the Montreal Gazette: Census is back and it's sexy now.)
  • (Kyle Balzer tweeted: "Transfers across all electronics for easier access," says @StatCan_eng Marc Hamel on 2016 #LongFormCensus @NEWS1130.)

(The text "Your support…" appears on screen.)

(Screen grabs from associations and municipalities that supported the census pop up on screen.)

  • (The City of Thunder Bay tweeted an image of the census banner along with the caption: The Census is vital to the City for planning programs and services. The information collected is used to make important decisions for our community and help ensure that our changing society is reflected.)
  • (The PEI Associations for Newcomers to Canada posted information on their website with the heading: Complete the Census form – It is the law.)
  • (The City of St. John's tweeted: It's not too late to complete your census questionnaire and it's important! Do it online at census.gc.ca.)
  • (The Board of Trade tweeted an image of a census envelop on a keyboard with the caption: Did you know it's not too late to complete the #2016Census? Visit census.gc.ca today! #Vancouver #Canada.)
  • (Downtown Yonge BIA tweeted: Happy #CensusDay! Don't forget to fill out yours.)
  • (The Halifax municipal government tweeted: Not too late to submit your #Census2016 survey! Complete online at census.gc.ca. It's important. They included an image of the census banner.)

(A census poster and a clip of the TV ad appear in the middle of the screen. The text "… and your participation from coast to coast to coast…" surround the images. )

(A collage of pictures of Statistics Canada employees zoom-out to be in the shape of the map of Canada. The text "… will help shape Canada's future…" appears on top of the map.)

(The text "…and for that, we say, Thank you!" appears on screen with the black dots floating in the background.)

(Previous text transitions to "Stay tuned to see what Canada looked like in 2016" and overlays a black circle that was created by the black dots.)

(The black circle disappears and the text "Data releases begin in February 2017" appears in the middle of the screen.)

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