Video - Connecting the world with data we can trust

Release date: October 20, 2020

Connecting the world with data we can trust - Video transcript

Statistics Canada symbol and Canada word mark appear on screen with the title: Connecting the world with data we can trust

At Statistics Canada, we have been collecting data for over a century, and our methods are always evolving. In this digital age, the need for information is growing.

Quality, timely and detailed data can help provide greater certainty in an uncertain world. Canadians are concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, job security, their health, and the well-being of their loved ones. We remain there for one another, remembering that we will only get through this together.

As we look back on this year that has tested Canadians’ resiliency, we as an agency, wanted to take the time to truly appreciate and connect with those whom we worked with and never ceased to put their trust in us.

The words: "Thank you" and "to our partners in the business" appear on screen.

The words: "research communities" appear on screen.

The words: "key stakeholders" appear on screen.

The words: "the media" appear on screen.

The words: "colleagues in the provinces and territories" appear on screen.

A special thank you to all Canadians, for sharing the components of their day-to-day lives by participating in our surveys.

Thank you to our partners in the business and research communities, our key stakeholders, to the media, as well to our colleagues in the provinces and territories.

We have a deep appreciation for the role you play in helping us paint the picture and tell the story of how Canada is changing, and growing.

The words: "Happy worlds statistics day" appear on screen.

Happy World Statistics Day!

The "world statistics day" logo is on screen accompanied by the date: "20.10.2020" followed with the words: "connecting the world with data we can trust".

Canada wordmark appears on screen.

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