The Two Recruits: A day in the life of an economist and a sociologist at Statistics Canada

Catalogue number: Catalogue number: 11-629-x

Release date: September 15, 2016
The Two Recruits: A day in the life of an economist and a sociologist at Statistics Canada - Transcript

Description of visuals

(Title screen appears)

(Esther wakes up, gets out of bed.)

(The word "MORNING" appears onscreen)

(Martin wakes up, cracks knuckles, and gets out of bed.)

(Both Esther and Martin hit snooze on their alarm clocks.)

(Esther smiles in front of the mirror.)

(Martin puts his shirt on in front of mirror.)

(Esther prepares her coffee. Martin makes a toast. Esther grabs her bike helmet.)

(The word "RIDE" appears onscreen.)

(Martin unlocks his car.)

(Esther bikes passed a farmer's market and by a river.)

(Martin drives past downtown, enters building, waves hello to security guards, swipes pass.)

(Esther swipes pass, waves hello to a security guard, and is welcomed by a friend.)

(Esther enters office, puts down helmet and backpack, opens notebook, and settles in her office.)

(Martin enters office and is welcomes by female and male colleague, settles at desk, works on spreadsheets and infographic. He checks time, it says 10:30 am.)

(Esther is working on PowerPoint presentations and she too checks time and sees it is 10:30 am.)

(The word "BRAINSTORM" appears onscreen.)

(Esther hands notes to fellow ECs. Engages in conversation.)

(Martin writes on an easel, "How to boost response rates for household surveys?")

(He proceeds to quiz his colleagues at the table about the topic.)

(The word "COMMUNITY" appears onscreen.)

(At the cafeteria, Esther's friend shows her a picture of her dog with funny glasses on her phone.)

(Martin is at lunch table with friends, and attempts to throw a grape in the mouth of his buddy. Laughter ensues. Then his friend launches a grape towards Martin, eliciting laughs. They high-five. )

(Outdoor, Esther huddles in for a cheer with her volleyball team. They continue to play volleyball.)

(Martin curls a weight in the gym. Runs on the treadmill.)

(Esther re-enters building, swiping pass, greeting the security guard again.)

(She presents her PowerPoint presentation to a group of executives.)

(Martin presents his finding to his boss. Receives praise for good work, and gives him a handshake.)

(Martin types away on a keyboard, cracks his knuckles.)

(He receives a text message from Esther. It reads, "Want to grab something to eat?")

(Esther receives a text back from Martin, and it reads, "On my way, bringing a few friends.")

(Shot of people walking down hallway.)

(Esther and Martin meet up. They walk through the sliding doors.)

(We see them exiting the building, chatting.)

(Words appear, "Step up the challenge. Be part of a world leader in statistics.")

(A white screen appears. The following words appear, "Economists, Data Analysts, Accountants, Sociologists, Industry Analysts, Geographers, Criminologists, Environmental Analysts, Demographers. Apply now!")

(A red leaf appears and underneath, it reads, "Make a difference in the lives of Canadians, Careers website")

(The Canada wordmark appears.)

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