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Issue number: 2016003

Release date: June 2, 2016
Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) - Transcript

When you think of Statistics Canada, you might initially think something like this: And, as part of a large enterprise, you might also think… I have no time for this!

(A man appears on screen. A thought bubble pops up with Statistics Canada's logo inside it. A giant survey drops on the man and he is struggling to hold it up. The giant survey morphs into a giant clock.)

And that's OK. Because, as a large enterprise and a treasured member of our portfolio, you are often selected for our surveys, and that's because you play an important role in providing information that is critical for measuring all aspects of the economy.

(The giant clock transforms into a big building with "Large Enterprise" written on top of it. A portfolio with the words "Treasured member of our portfolio" written on its cover fills the page. The portfolio opens up and a spotlight shines down on the man. The man is suddenly draped with a cape and dons a crown. The words "Critical information for measuring the economy" appear on screen. A measuring tape measures the length of the word "economy.")

This means everything from developing or improving fiscal policy to assessing Canada's economic conditions, cycles and performance. With the data you provide, we are able to paint an accurate and vital portrait of our economy, which your company can use to develop business plans and strategies. And that, at its core, is why we do, what we do.

(The sentences "This means everything from developing or improving fiscal policy" and "Assessing Canada's economic conditions, cycles and performance" are typed on screen. Red bar charts grow. Canadian coins fill the screen. A man, holding a paintbrush, is looking at his canvas nodding. He paints the words "Develop business plans and strategies" on the canvas. The words "Why we do, what we do" appear on screen.)

Another reality is: You're busy. You're conducting your day-to-day work and that comes with a great deal of pressure. We acknowledge that a significant amount of your time is spent completing these surveys, and we want to work with you to minimize this effort. Let's delve into this a bit more, so you can see just how important your co-operation is, and discover how, together, we can work in unison to achieve our goals.

(A man is typing furiously at his computer as he receives countless surveys by emails. The emails decrease. The man smiles and gives a thumbs up. An older professional looking man walks in frame and proceeds to shake the younger one's hand.)

Let's look at a breakdown: Let's say, for the sake of argument—and, of course—this video, that this is you: Big Business Shop. Just play along.

(An office building with "Big Business Shop" as its signage appears on screen. Several cars and workers go in and out of the building. Camera zooms out to show the many locations on a map of Canada. Camera zooms back in and a Statistics Canada building springs up right beside the Big Business Shop building.)

You have many locations. Then, there's Statistics Canada. And here we are: Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) team. Say "hello" team! Hello! These fine EPM employees manage a portfolio of the largest and most complex enterprises in Canada, like yours!

(A taxi drives in front of the buildings and drops off 3 characters. They wave at the camera. A large portfolio drops from the sky and the 3 characters hold it up.)

Their mission is simple: to assist large enterprises such as yours by answering their survey-related questions, working out reporting arrangements that minimize effort on your part, rectifying any issues that may occur, and maintaining an up-to-date portrait of your enterprise's operations to ensure that only relevant surveys are sent.

(Camera moves upwards. On top of a building, a powerful spotlight shines in the sky displaying the word "Mission". A portfolio twirls into view and describes the mission.)

Consider them your go-to people when problems arise, or when you have questions, or simply, when you need clarification. The question is, how, exactly do we make this happen? Well, it starts with something we call: "response management." Here's how it works:

(The 3 characters appear on screen, side-by-side. All are smilling. A question mark appears on screen. The words: "Response management" appears on screen.)

  • we learn from you how your business operates and then ensure that the right surveys are sent to the right people.
  • We work with you to develop specialized reporting arrangements by consolidating and customizing surveys to make them more manageable.
  • We can help you make sense of the different surveys.
  • AND ... we are always here to answer your questions and resolve issues.

(A woman holds a magnifying glass and raises it toward the Big Business Shop. She then throws a survey inside the building. Several surveys appear on screen. The all consolidate into one larger survey. Key words appear onscreen. A question mark morphs into the word "Answers")

And while these stacks shrink, the quality of the economic indicators grows!

(A stack of surveys quickly shrink while a red bar chart grows.)

And really, it's all thanks to you. Thank you for your ongoing support and contribution.

(A man pops from inside a circle pointing at the camera. The words "Thank you" are circling them. The man blinks. The screen fades to black. The 'Canada' wordmark is shown.)

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