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Release date: January 5, 2015
Canadian Health Measures Survey: Information for survey participants: Description of visuals - Transcript

Description of visuals

Having accurate information about the health of Canadians is an essential part of improving health care. That's why Statistics Canada, in partnership with Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada, is conducting the Canadian Health Measures Survey. Thanks to the participation of people like yourself, valuable health information has been collected.

(The camera slides to the left and reveals the Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS) logo. Other pictures are seen out of focus in the background. The camera moves forward to a picture of a family holding grocery bags filled with vegetables. Then, the camera moves to the right and shows a man smiling. As the camera moves backward, the picture of a mother and a daughter doing homework comes into focus. Moving backward again, the camera stops on a picture of an elderly couple riding bicycles. The camera moves forward; an elderly woman is cooking with a younger woman. The camera moves backward, and all of the pictures previously mentioned are placed side by side. The CHMS logo slides into view and the camera zooms in on it. The camera travels upward and moves to the rest of the pictures in the background.)

Results of this innovative survey have revealed that the physical fitness levels of children, youth and adults have seriously declined when compared to the Canada Fitness Survey conducted in 1981.

(The camera travels upward; a curtain-type background slides into view. A picture of three kids on a bed watching a movie on a computer comes into view while two other pictures (out of focus) are in the background. The camera travels forward toward a picture of two kids playing a video game. The camera continues its movement toward a picture of obese people. The camera slides to the right.)

Furthermore, 38% of adults showed high levels of cholesterol, and about 16% of the adults with high blood pressure were unaware of their condition.

(A line is drawn horizontally. From this line, another one is drawn vertically to the top of the frame, creating a sidebar. In the sidebar, three overlapping shapes slide in, followed by the CHMS logo and a picture of a scale on top of junk food. In the middle of the screen, a picture of a woman and several other hands picking up French fries appears. The picture flips over to reveal a picture of nacho chips covered in cheese. That picture flips over and transforms into a picture of businesspeople sitting around a table, having a meeting. Flipping over, the picture becomes one of a young woman having her blood pressure taken.)

We also noted that blood lead concentrations in the population have fallen dramatically over the past 30 years, in both youth and adults. As such, your participation in the survey is crucial. As a randomly-selected participant, you represent many other people in your community.

(In the sidebar, the scale disappears and in its place, a picture of blood vials appears. In the middle of the screen, a picture of a gas pump appears. The picture slides to the left as a picture of a young woman sitting in class slides in from the right. The picture disappears, and a picture of a woman drinking water from a water bottle takes its place. In the sidebar, the picture of the blood vials disappears, and a picture of a young man is revealed. In the middle of the screen, a picture of a young woman on a beach slides from the bottom up. That picture is replaced by one of a mother and a young daughter reading a book on the floor. This one is then replaced by a picture of a group of seven friends leaning against a tree. The horizontal and vertical lines slide off screen. The pictures in the sidebar decrease in size and disappear as well. The overlapping shapes slide off screen.)

This survey is a two step process. First, a Statistics Canada interviewer will give you information about the survey, and will answer all your questions. Then, you will be asked questions about: your general health, your nutrition, your activity level and your health habits.

(A hand showing two fingers slides on screen from the bottom of the frame. A yellow box opens up and the word 'Steps' appears inside. The hand slides off screen. The box transforms into a horizontal bar and underlines the words '1. Home interview.' A woman conducting an interview is seen. Then, a picture of a cartoon character holding a question mark appears. This picture slides off screen to make space for a picture of a family sitting together outdoors. Surrounding this picture is a yellow box. The yellow box reshapes to reveal a picture of an elderly couple having a glass of wine. Reshaping again, the yellow box shows a picture of a girl holding an apple in one hand and a piece of chocolate cake in the other hand. Reshaping yet again, the yellow box reveals a picture of a father and a daughter in a garden to the left and a picture of a man mowing the lawn to the right. The box containing the picture reshapes, revealing a picture of hands being washed to the left and a picture of a woman in bed plagued by insomnia to the right. The yellow box transforms into a ball and bounces off screen. At the top of the screen, the words '2. Clinic visit' are typed on.)

Second, because all physical measurements must be conducted by a fully-trained health professional, you will be asked to visit our mobile clinic located in your community. We will reimburse you for expenses related to attending the clinic. At the clinic, health professionals will measure, among other things, your height, weight and waist circumference. They will also take your blood pressure, and will conduct tests to assess your vision and musculoskeletal health. Blood and urine samples will also be collected to analyze your cardiovascular health and nutritional status, including your levels of cholesterol and vitamin B12, as well as your exposure to environmental contaminants.

(A picture of the CHMS crew standing in front of a mobile clinic swings on screen. Then, we see the CHMS crew in a clinic. The picture falls off screen and is replaced by a swinging picture of a mobile clinic. A picture of a CHMS employee paying a man inside the clinic appears. A picture of a city bus and one of a taxi are shown. These pictures fall off screen, and pictures of a woman having her height measured, a man being weighed and another having his waist measured are shown. The pictures fall and are replaced by one of a man having his blood pressure taken. This picture is replaced by a picture of a human eye and one of a human skeleton evolving into one with muscles. A picture of empty blood vials and a urine cup slides into view. It is replaced by a picture of a man running in a forest. Pushing this picture to the left is a picture representing all four nutritional food groups. This picture is pushed aside by one depicting cholesterol in an artery. This picture is then pushed aside by one of a B12 vitamin. Then, this one is pushed aside by a picture of smoking industrial chimneys.)

In addition, you will receive free health reports that contain your test results. These tests are not designed to provide diagnoses, but they will give you important information about your health, such as: your body composition, your cardiovascular health and fitness, your musculoskeletal health and fitness, your nutritional status and your vision.

(Three overlapping pages of different colours are turned on screen. A picture of a man and a woman at a desk appear. As this picture disappears, a picture of a pencil and a health-results page appears. Then, a stethoscope appears onscreen with a red 'X' being drawn over it. It is replaced by a rubber stamp and a folder with the word 'Important' written on it. The first page turns to reveal the second page; on it is a picture of a man and a woman visualizing body composition. The picture disappears and one of a couple cycling appears. This one is replaced by the picture of a human skeleton with and without muscles. The second page turns off screen and reveals the third page; on this page is the picture of a chef cutting vegetables on a wooden board. Then, a picture of a doctor and a nurse examining a patient is shown. The page turns off screen and reveals the next scene.)

Since the Canadian Health Measures Survey is conducted under the Statistics Act, any information you provide will be kept confidential. No personal information that could identify you or a member of your family may be provided to anyone without your permission. Statistics Canada has consulted with federal and provincial privacy commissioners and the Health Canada Research Ethics Board to ensure that the survey abides by the highest ethical standards.

(A wax seal and the word 'Confidentiality' appear on screen. Underneath, there is a picture of a judge's gavel and the words 'Statistics Act' being typed. The graphic swipes off screen, and into view comes a folder with a lock through it. Beside this image is one of a pen and a signature. The camera moves downward and reveals an overhead shot of people sitting around a table. The Statistics Canada logo appears in the centre of the image, and lines are drawn and surround it. The words 'Privacy commissioners,' 'Health Canada,' 'Canadians,' 'Researchers,' 'Research Ethics Board' and 'Public Health Agency of Canada' appear at the ends of the drawn lines. As the camera moves away from the image, a picture of a man working on a futuristic touch screen is shown.)

During the survey process, we will provide you with information on the health measures, and will ask for your consent to participate. It's our way of ensuring that you are aware of—and comfortable with—all aspects of the survey. We thank you for your participation. Your information is essential in enabling us to present a portrait of the health status of Canadians. Because health matters!

(The camera moves away, and an image of a woman showing a paragraph in a pamphlet to an elderly woman and her daughter is seen. The camera moves toward an elderly woman smiling. Then, we see a picture of a large crowd of people looking up and smiling. The camera moves quickly though the picture and out of the CHMS logo. The words 'Because health matters!' appear. The following website slides on screen: The 'Canada' wordmark is shown.)

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