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National Apprenticeship Survey

Catalogue number: Catalogue number: 11-629-x

Issue number: 2015033

Release date: August 18, 2015
You keep Canada working - Transcript

National Apprenticeship Survey: Description of visuals

(Opening slide with title 'You keep Canada working')

We need you every day!

(The words 'we need you every day!' appear sequentially.)

A car breaks down and needs repair...

(An animated image of a car appears, it has a flat tire, a broken windshield and headlight.)

The catering and hair need to get done for the wedding.

(A banquet table with various types of food appears, followed by a bride in her wedding gown with curlers in her hair.)

The faucet won't stop leaking...

(You see an image of a dripping faucet.)

Our lives can require a lot of upkeep And sometimes, it's too much to handle alone.

(A grid appears which shows various images of leaking faucet, broken car, bride in curlers, cakes, and an assortment of trades' tools.)

Everywhere we turn, we need help.

(The words 'everywhere we turn we need help' appear sequentially.)

We need qualified trades' people with a variety of skills.

(Animated images of a chef, mechanic, painter, and construction worker appear.)

Because there's a growing need for highly skilled and certified tradespeople in Canada's workforce.

(The words 'highly skilled and certified' appear sequentially.)

And this trend will continue.

(Animated images of various tradespeople appear.)

To ensure there's enough skilled tradespeople to service our communities, we need more people like you.

(Animated images of more tradespeople drop into place beside each other. A single animated person is shown. A telephone handset appears.)

By completing the National Apprenticeship Survey, you can provide insights about your experiences (good or bad), challenges, and obstacles.

(The word 'experiences' appear around the image of the person holding the handset. Then the words 'good' and 'bad' appear. The words 'challenges' and 'obstacles' appear.)

And only you can help us build better apprenticeship in trades and help others overcome any challenges that could keep them from completing their training.

(The word 'you' zooms by an animated city being built up with streets, roads, bridges, streetlights, buildings and people.)

This means better quality services for everyone.

(The image of the person holding the handset appears again and the handset from the phone disappears and the person is now dressed in clothing showing they are a trades' person.)

You know you have all the tools needed to build something great, and the experience to make a difference.

(Images of lots of tradespeople scroll by. The words 'build something great' appear sequentially. The words 'make a difference' appear and fade out.)

So, please take a little bit of time to complete this survey.

(An animated map of Canada appears and images of various tradespeople are shown from coast to coast.)

With your participation we can keep canada working.

(The words 'keep Canada working' appear. The image fades into the Canada wordmark against a black background.)

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