Finding a place to live, not an easy task!

Release date: July 5, 2018

Finding a place to live, not an easy task! - Transcript

(The Statistics Canada symbol and Canada wordmark appear on the screen with the title "Finding a place to live, not an easy task!")

Hey you! Yeah, you!

(A young man with glasses appears on screen.)

(The man, standing in profile, steps forward.)

Heading home? What is home?

(The young man is now facing forward. He strokes his chin while looking up.)

A room, an apartment, a house…a backpack?

(A bed, an apartment building, a house and a backpack appear on screen.)

Is it yours? Rented? Shared? Your parents'?

(A key falls from the top of the screen and the man opens his hand to catch it.)

(The man turns his head towards the text that appears on screen.)

Home can be many things.

(The man is facing forward with a key in his hand.)

35% of young adults, 20 to 34, are living with their parents.

(A circle made up of several purple and pink dots appears and forms a pie chart.)

StatCan knows because they've asked people like you.

(Silhouettes face the young man.)

Lots of people. Millions!

(More people appear in silhouette.)

(More silhouettes join the group.)

StatCan gets your information to help you get answers to make life a little simpler.

(The young man stands in front of a door and uses the key to unlock it.)

Selected for a survey? Say yes!

There's power in numbers

(Text appears on screen:

(The Canada wordmark appears on a black screen.)

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