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Issue number: 2015029

June 2015

Talking Business - Retail - Transcript

Description of visuals

(The title of the video "Talking Business – Retail", the Statistics Canada identifier and the Canada wordmark appear on the screen.)

The device in your pocket

(The camera pans around an image of a woman sitting on a park bench using her cell phone.)

The car you drive to work

(A shot of cars travelling on a highway.)

The food on your table

(The screen fades to a grocery cart full of food navigating a grocery aisle in a store.)

The clothes on your back

(The screen shows a man adjusting his tie.)

The bed you sleep in…..

(The screen shows a little girl in bed.)

How do we get our hands on all these things?

(The screen fades to images of bar codes superimposed over a shot of a crowd. It then fades out to a white screen. The word "RETAIL" appears on the screen, all in capital letters.)


Retail trade is part of every Canadian's life.

(The screen shows a scene in a shopping mall where people are walking at a fast speed.)

Having the most up-to-date and relevant statistical information in the retail sector is more important than some people realize.

(An image of a credit card swiping through a hand-held device. It then fades out to a scene in which a man is paying for his groceries at a grocery store and a female cashier is taking the money.)

The retail trade sector employs no less than 12% of the entire Canadian workforce,

(On the left side of the screen, there is a black circle surrounded by red and black arrows. The black circle is superimposed over an off-focus image of a shopping mall.)

(Inside the circle are the words "NO LESS THAN 12%". Then on the right side of the screen appear the words "of the ENTIRE workforce". An image of the flag of Canada appears between the words "ENTIRE" and "workforce" as a graphic representation of the word "Canadian" heard in the narration.)

One of the largest sectors of employment in the Canadian economy.

(The flag of Canada flutters in the wind from a flagpole in front of an office building.)

In Canada, retail trade data is collected by Statistics Canada, as they are a key monthly indicator of how well the country's economy is doing.

(A ticker tape-like image of numbers flashing across the screen appears in front of an off-focus image of Statistics Canada's offices and other government offices located at Tunney's Pasture in Ottawa. The camera then moves to a close-up shot of the Statistics Canada office building showing the words "Statistics Canada" and "Statistique Canada" on a black sign.)

Understanding consumer purchasing patterns is essential to understanding domestic demand for goods used on a daily basis

(A circular image framed by rectangular coloured bars rotates onto the screen over to the left hand side of the screen, with the words inside the white circle: "UNDERSTANDING CONSUMER PURCHASING PATTERNS". On the right hand side of the screen appear an equal sign (=) and the words "Understanding DOMESTIC DEMAND".)

such as food, clothing and gasoline

(An image of fresh fruits in a retail setting fades in with the word "Food" superimposed over the image. The image is replaced by a rack of clothing with the word "Clothing" superimposed over it. An image is displayed of a hand holding a gas pump to a gas tank with the word "Gasoline" superimposed over the image.)

As well, the Bank of Canada relies partly on monthly retail sales estimates when making decisions that affect us,

(The camera pans an image of a Statistics Canada retail trade datatable.)

such as setting interest rates.

(Random numbers and graphic representation of bar graphs move across the screen.)

Small, medium and large-sized business can use these estimates to compare their performance against industry averages.

(The word "BUSINESSES" appears in center of the screen. Above the word appears a drawing of a small building in green, then a drawing of a larger orange building followed by a larger drawing of a blue building. Images fade out and a shot of a stock market board appears.)

The point is the hard work and collaborative efforts of many Canadians make the retail trade sector a 500 billion dollar a year industry in Canada

(A series of film strips appear on screen. The camera zooms into a strip of a man and a women sitting at a table having a discussion. The camera pans out and zooms into a different strip of a man and a woman standing in front of a laptop. The film strip then changes to a city skyline as seen going up a glass elevator.)

For decision makers affected by the retail environment, having the right statistical information available at your finger tips, can be the catalyst of optimization in your organization.

(A scene of a man talking to a group of people sitting around a table.)

If your company is selected to participate in a retail survey by Statistics Canada, we thank you for your cooperation.

(A white screens appears with the Statistics Canada identifier at the top left hand corner, and a hand holding a marker and a red checkmark at the opposite corner. The following sentence appears in the centre of the screen: "If your company is selected to participate in a retail survey by Statistics Canada, we thank you for your cooperation.")

These data brought to you by

  1. Monthly Retail Trade Survey,
  2. Annual Retail Trade Survey
  3. Survey of Employment, Payroll and Hours
  4. Quarterly Retail Commodity Survey

(The following text appears against the same background)

(These data brought to you by

  1. Monthly Retail Trade Survey,
  2. Annual Retail Trade Survey
  3. Survey of Employment, Payroll and Hours
  4. Quarterly Retail Commodity Survey)

For more information on these and other surveys, visit

(The Statistics Canada website address appears against the same background:

Statistics Canada, Serving Canadians with high quality statistical information that matters.

(Against the same background, we now see the following text:)

(Serving Canadians with high quality statistical information that matters.)

(The website address fades to black, and the Canada wordmark fades in.)

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