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Release date: January 17, 2012
We are Statistics Canada - Transcript

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We are Statistics Canada.

We are all about numbers, data, statistics.

We are Canada's trusted source of information.

Properly gathered, scrupulously analyzed and interpreted, the information we provide unlocks thousands of intricate puzzles every day and translates to human impact.

Statistics tell us not just "how many": but how many children, how many families, how many schools, jobs, police and hospitals.

where best to build a road.

Plan a city.

Deploy a needed service.

Statistics don't just record, statistics inform decisions.

decisions on salaries, housing, employment programs, social programs, interest rates – every aspect of our society and economy.

Key decisions made by our governments – policies, programs, services – are connected to the statistical data we provide.

And when Canadian businesses want to make informed decisions, they rely on us.

Since 1918, the information we provide has been trusted as accurate, objective, and unbiased.

That's why we are considered one of the leading statistical organizations in the world.

None of this can happen without a very critical partnership between Canadians, who provide information, and the employees of Statistics Canada, who analyze and communicate the results of what Canadians tell us.

Whether it's the Canadian Census, covering every single home in the nation, or a small, specialized survey of businesses or individuals, the quality of our data reflect the strength of that partnership.

And the results of what we do are profound and far-reaching, in every community of every province and territory, and in the decisions that affect how Canada operates, and how we interact with the rest of the world.

We are all about the numbers.

We are proud to be our nation's trusted source of information, helping Canada make good decisions each and every day.

We are Statistics Canada.

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