Video - Statistics Canada: 100 Years and Counting - Jack Jedwab

Release date: November 5, 2019

Statistics Canada: 100 Years and Counting - Jack Jedwab - Video transcript

(The Statistics Canada symbol and Canada wordmark appear on screen with the title: "Statistics Canada: 100 Years and Counting - Jack Jedwab")

(The question "How would you describe the importance of Statistics data to your work?" appears on screen.)

Jack: The work done by Statistics Canada is extremely important to the Association for Canadian Studies and to the National Metropolis conference. For example, on issues of immigration which we do quite a bit of work and research around, the data that we use is primarily from Statistics Canada. And it provides fundamental insights, and contributes to considerable reflection for us as we try to charter a path ahead in terms of addressing public policy issues, as well as issues concerning the population at large around migration.

(The question "How do statistics help Canadians in their day-to-day decisions?" appears on screen.)

Jack: Statistics help Canadians in their day-to-day decisions immeasurably. Some of that, they are not completely aware of, but we tend to measure all kinds of things in our day-to-day lives, and tend to want to depend on information rising from data. And so, it's just so fundamental day-to-day to know about our economic condition, our general well-being. Those things need measures, and Statistics Canada is the most credible and effective agency in providing that information to the public.

(Canada wordmark appears.)

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