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A Career in Mathematical Statistics at Statistics Canada

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Issue number: 2015025

Release date: September 11, 2014
There's a Formula for Success too! - Transcript

A career in Mathematical Statistics at Statistics Canada: Description of visuals

(Top view of the Parliament buildings; Byward Market downtown; dad holding daughter at Parkdale Market; girl rollerblading along the Ottawa River; Statistics Canada signage.)

(Narrator Danielle Léger appears onscreen.)

Hi, I'm Danielle, and I'm a mathematical statistician here at Statistics Canada. A few years back, I was in your shoes: looking for a place that would allow me to shine, and apply what I learned in university. StatCan was the right choice for me. Come and see why.

(Three people sifting through papers in a boardroom; mentor teaching employees some math formulas on a whiteboard; people sitting on sofas laughing; footage of various conferences.)

We've got over five thousand people working here, and over three hundred of them are mathematical statisticians. Statistics Canada conducts about two hundred and fifty surveys every year, so this place is kind of a statistics beehive. StatCan is a world leader in statistics. We help other governments with their statistical programs, and serve on international committees that develop statistical standards.

(Man Dasylva appears onscreen.)

I was glad to find a job where I can use all my skills and contribute on many different levels

(Woman appears onscreen.)

My work is valued: That's a nice feeling. StatCan is a place where Math Geeks like me are really appreciated.

(Danielle appears onscreen in the library)

We're involved with nearly every facet of a survey, like... ...questionnaire design...

(Group of people looking upward at question marks over their heads.)


(Group of people deciding which piece of sushi to eat in a platter.)


(Group of people staring at a formula that's missing a letter; one girl touches the part of the screen where the letter is missing and the letter magically appears.)


(Group of people reading books.)

...time series...

(Group of people holding a variety of clocks and stopwatches looking unimpressed.)

...and analysis...

(Group of people trying to help someone figure out how to solve a Rubik's cube.)

(Man appears onscreen.)

I take pride in the fact that I'm part of a world leader in applied statistics and survey methodology. Our work has real impact on Canadians, and that's always been a big motivator for me.

(Woman typing at a computer while standing up; another woman types on a laptop while sitting on a sofa.)

So we're doing some pretty serious stuff, but StatCan is also committed to work-life balance: You can work flexible hours... There's a fitness centre...

(Group of people doing yoga in the Fitness Centre.)


(Two people talking and working out in the gym.)

We've got sports teams... and social activities.

(Soccer game footage; Woman singing and performing for a crowd.)

StatCan also offers continuous learning: like language courses, computer courses, conferences and seminars, and all the mentorship you want!

(Woman appears onscreen.)

The National Capital Region is a great place for my young family. There are activities for all seasons.

(Two children holding hands, skating on the Rideau Canal; people playing volleyball at the beach; child biking on a path along the Ottawa River; Bluesfest concert with a big crowd of people cheering on the band onstage.)

(Man appears onscreen.)

I love my job at Statistics Canada! It offers me enriching and challenging statistical work on a variety of projects. It also allows me to have an active social life and pursue other interests and hobbies.

(Man spins a volleyball on his finger and then proceeds to start knitting a blanket in a funny way, as he laughs.)

(Participants appear onscreen and laugh together.)

So, that's Statistics Canada. Look us up. We've got a formula for your success.

(Danielle appears onscreen on a stairwell.)

(There's a formula for Success too! A career in Mathematical Statistics at Statistics Canada)

(For more information on a career as a Mathematical Statistician at Statistics Canada visit:
Under Recruitment and Development Programs)

(The image fades into the Canada wordmark against a black background.)

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