Video - StatsCAN app

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StatsCan app - Video transcript

(The Statistics Canada symbol and Canada wordmark appear on screen with the title: "StatsCan app")

(Upbeat instrumental music)

(The words: "did you hear?" are on screen)

(The words: "StatCan launched a new app!" are on screen)

(The words: "Introducing "StatsCAN" are on screen)

(The welcome screen of the app is seen.)

(The words: "Trusted, unbiased facts at your fingertips" are on screen)

(The app's Publications screen is seen with multiple articles displayed. )

(The words: "Stay on top of Canada's data story throughout the day" are on screen)

(The app's "For you" screen is shown)

(The words: "Customize your browsing journey" are on screen)

(The words: "Get the latest news, based on your subjects of interest" are on screen.)

(The app's "Manage subjects" is on screen with several different subjects.)

(The words: "Save the publications" is on screen.)

(The app's "For you screen" is shown with several articles under the "Following" tab.)

(The "The changing nature of work" article is selected, and the heart button is then selected.)

(The words: "Or opt in to be notified when new data are available" is shown.

(The bell button is selected, and the Notifications screen is shown.)

(The "Manage notifications" screen is shown. )

(The "StatsCAN" opening screen is shown.)

(The words: "Download the StatsCAN app today!" are on screen.)

(The "Download on the App Store" and "Get it on Google Play" buttons are shown.)

(Canada wordmark is on screen)