A public service that embodies a healthy workplace

For many years, Statistics Canada has recognized that a healthy workplace is essential to the physical and psychological health of all its employees, enabling them to bring the best of their diverse talents, skills and energy as they deliver services to Canadians. That’s why the agency has hit the ground running with a variety of new and innovative methods to support mental and physical wellness, including one such program in its Operations and Integration Division that has redefined the classroom learning environment.

Thinking outside the box, the Division recently introduced a new management training course that, as part of this exercise, did away with the “old school” classroom setting by merging physical activity—a fundamental component of mental and physical health—with learning. With the help of a specialized training center, employees participated in a customized team-building program and obstacle course that was designed to meet the physical needs of all participants, regardless of their activity level.

The full-day physical activity and training session included a group theory component focused on labour relations, having difficult conversations, and workplace harassment, and was followed by a question-based obstacle course to evaluate each participant’s knowledge of these workplace topics. Participants also shared some of their past experiences in conflict resolution, and worked together to identify solutions that could be used in the future.

According to participants, the challenges and accomplishments of this exercise helped to build greater bonds among the team, evaluate existing knowledge and identify future training needs. Above all, this new and innovative approach contributed to wellness of the Division’s employees—a vital component of the agency’s overall success.

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