Description for Figure 2 - Stages of the LTP Process

This chart illustrates the two stages of the LTP process that falls within the Integrated Strategic Planning Process (ISPP).The first four steps of the ISPP are known as the LTP process. These four steps have been divided into two stages in the flow chart. The first two steps correspond to the first stage of the LTP process which is the Idea Generation stage and the two other steps correspond to the second stage of the LTP process which is the Project Assessment stage.

The flow chart begins with the Stage 1 Idea Generation where CBA and non-CBA business proposals are prepared by programs for review and approval. The chart illustrates that Corporate Business Architecture (CBA) proposals go through an approval process by both the CBA management committee and Field Planning Boards (FPBs). The flow chart shows that non-CBA projects only go through the FPBs for approval. Both CBA and non-CBA proposals that have been approved flow to the SMRB for gate 1 approval and consideration for funding. Proposals approved for consideration, move to Stage 2 Project Assessment. In this stage, programs must prepare a Project Complexity and Risk Assessment (PCRA), a Business Case, and Business Case Costing (BCC) template for all CBA and non-CBA proposals. The chart illustrates that CBA proposals separate from non-CBA proposals and must go back to the CBA Management Committee for approval. Once this approval is given then CBA proposals merge back with non-CBA proposals and then move to the FPBs to have the Business case and BCC forms approved. Those approved proceed to SMRB Gate 2 for approval and funding. All approved LTP proposals are recorded in the Agency’s Decision Record known as the Blue Book.