Study and knowledge-sharing visits at Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada welcomes requests for study and knowledge sharing visits but, to enable the best possible experience for all concerned, please review these guidelines before finalizing your request.

  1. General requirements and information
    1. Statistics Canada requires at least six weeks’ notice for all study and knowledge-sharing visits.
    2. Acceptance of visits and scheduling are always subject to availability of experts and resources.
    3. Please be sure to allow enough time to obtain visas, if required.
    4. When obtaining travel visas, please check with authorities in any country through which you may be travelling (transit points). Many countries require transit visas.
    5. Due to the demands on our experts’ time, scheduled presentations must start on time, as indicated on the agenda, and cannot be delayed. Please keep this in mind when arranging your taxi from your hotel to Statistics Canada. Missed presentations cannot be rescheduled.
    6. Changes to the agenda requested during the visit cannot be accommodated. Changes requested less than one week before the beginning of the visit may or may not be accommodated. Changes requested a week or more before the beginning of the visit will be accommodated if possible, subject to the availability and agreement of participating experts.
    7. Visiting delegations will be asked to give a presentation on their home organization.
    8. Visits of more than three working days usually require cost-recovery fees. Rates are charged by the day, and will vary with the complexity of the visit.
    9. Single visits of three or fewer working days may or may not require cost–recovery fees, depending on the complexity of the visit. Multiple visits from the same country or organization, in the same year, may require cost-recovery fees, regardless of visit length.
    10. Photographs and recording are not usually permitted in subject matter areas. In some areas, cameras and recording devices are not allowed in the area. In presentation areas, if you wish to take photographs or record a session, please obtain permission of the presenter and International Cooperation Division staff, who must ensure that sensitive or proprietary matter is not photographed or otherwise recorded.
    11. Unfortunately, Statistics Canada is not able to provide transportation, tours or entertainment during your visit. Taxis are readily available in the National Capital Region and your hotel concierge should be happy to call one for you.
  2. Requests should include the following information
    1. Proposed duration and dates of visit.
    2. Number, names and positions/titles of people in the delegation.
    3. Length of time required for the presentation on your organization.
    4. A detailed description of the topics you would like to be covered—for example, “Human Resources” or “Organizational Structure” are too broad. To help us select the appropriate presenters and timing, be sure to identify specific aspects of the subject matter area.
    5. Please let us know whether you will bring an interpreter. The official languages of Canada are English and French. For other languages, Statistics Canada may not always be able to provide interpretation or translation services for study or knowledge-sharing visits.

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