Description for Figure 1 Components of the program activity architecture

Figure 1 shows how Statistics Canada's strategic outcome contains one specific program activity that supports the other three program activities. These three latter program activities are broken into constituent subactivities, which represent the branches in each respective program. The sub-subactivities correspond to the divisions within each branch.

The program activity (program activity 4) that supports the other programs is composed of Internal Services.

Economic Statistics (program activity 1): These statistics provide information on the structure, state and evolution of Canada's economy.

Subactivities: System of National Accounts; Industry Statistics; Economy-wide Statistics; Agriculture, Technology and Transportation Statistics; and Analytical Studies.

Sub-subactivities: Income and Expenditure Accounts; Environment Accounts and Statistics; Balance of Payments; Public Sector Statistics; Industry Accounts; Manufacturing and Energy Statistics; Distributive Trades Statistics; Service Industries Statistics; Prices Statistics; International Trade Statistics; Industrial Organization and Finance Statistics; Agriculture Statistics; Centre for Special Business Projects; Investment, Science and Technology Statistics; and Transportation Statistics.

Social Statistics (program activity 2): These statistics provide information on social and economic conditions of individuals, families and households in Canada.

Subactivities: Institutions and Social Statistics; Labour and Household Statistics; Health Statistics; General Social Statistics; and Socio-economic Analysis.

Sub-subactivities: Justice Statistics; Culture Statistics; Tourism Statistics; Education Statistics; Special Surveys; Income Statistics; Labour and Household Surveys Analysis; and Labour Statistics.

Census, Demography and Aboriginal Statistics (program activity 3): These statistics provide information on population counts and characteristics, and on agriculture.

Subactivities: Census of Population; Demography; Aboriginal Statistics; and Census of Agriculture.

This program activity does not have any sub-subactivities.