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Internal audits

Internal audits (2011-2012)
Name of internal audit Internal audit type Status Completion date
System of National Accounts—audit of communication Assurance/Program Completed June 2011
Leave and overtime Consulting/Financial Completed September 2011
Research Data Centre—Calgary and Lethbridge Assurance/ Management
Accountability Framework
Completed December 2011
Translation costs and quality assessment Consulting/Financial Completed December 2011
Justice statistics surveys—audit of confidentiality Assurance/Program Completed March 2012
Monthly Survey of Manufacturing Assurance/Program Completed March 2012
Data-sharing agreement with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Assurance/Management
Accountability Framework
Completed March 2012


Statistics Canada is moving toward a results-based management culture. The Agency developed a transition plan to meet the requirements of the Treasury Board Policy on Evaluation: pillars of this new evaluation model are in place. The Agency has developed a five-year evaluation plan, which includes the full evaluation coverage of the Agency's direct program spending over a five-year cycle. An evaluation committee, chaired by the Chief Statistician, is in place to support, oversee and monitor the evaluation function and management accountabilities arising from evaluations and evaluation-related products.

The following table lists evaluation projects conducted in 2011–2012.

Evaluations (2011-2012)
Name of evaluation Program Activity Status Completion date
Horizontal evaluation of the Canadian Health Measures Survey (Action Plan to Protect Human Health from Environmental Contaminants) Social Statistics In progress Internal approval forecast for Fall 2012

Until the evaluation function transition plan is fully implemented, program performance reports (PPRs) will still be produced to support decision-making. These self-evaluation reports outline accomplishments, challenges and future priorities, along with users' satisfaction with services provided. The following table lists the PPRs done in 2011–2012.

PPRs (2011-2012)This table displays PPRs in 2011–2012, by name of PPR. The column headers provide information on the PPRs' status and completion dates.
Name of PPR Status Completion date
1. Economic Statistics
1.1.1 Income and Expenditure Accounts Approved March 2012
1.1.2 Environment Accounts and Statistics Approved June 2011
1.1.3 Balance of Payments No PPR required  
1.1.4 Public Institutions Statistics No PPR required  
1.1.5 Industry Accounts Approved March 2012
1.2.0 Analytical Studies Approved February 2012
1.3.1 Manufacturing, Construction and Energy Statistics Approved March 2011
1.3.2 Distributive Trades Statistics Approved March 2012
1.3.3 Service Industries Statistics Approved March 2012
1.4.1 Prices Statistics No PPR required  
1.4.2 International Trade Statistics Approved March 2012
1.4.4 Industrial Organization and Finance Statistics Biennial program report approved February 2011
1.5.1 Agriculture Statistics In progress Approval forecast for December 2012
1.5.2 Small Business and Special Surveys Postponed Approval forecast for March 2013
1.5.3 Investment, Science and Technology Statistics Postponed Approval forecast for March 2013
1.5.4 Transportation Statistics Approved August 2011
2. Social Statistics
2.1.1 Justice Statistics Approved March 2012
2.1.3 Tourism Statistics Approved July 2011
2.1.4 Education Statistics Approved July 2011
2.2.0 Health Statistics Approved May 2011
2.3.0 General Social Characteristics Statistics No PPR required  
2.4.1 Special Surveys In progress Approval forecast for October 2012
2.4.2 Income Statistics Approved March 2012
2.4.3 Labour and Household Surveys Analysis Approved March 2012
2.4.4 Labour Statistics Division Approved March 2012
3. Census, Demography and Aboriginal Statistics
3.1.0 Census of Agriculture No PPR required  
3.2.0 Demography Approved March 2012
3.3.0 Aboriginal Statistics No PPR required  
3.4.0 Census of Population No PPR required  
4. Internal Services
4.1.1 Management and Oversight Services Approved February 2012
4.1.2 Communications Services Approved July 2011
4.2.1 Human Resources Management Services Approved March 2011
4.2.2 Financial Management Services and Planning Approved March 2012
4.2.3 Information Management Services Approved July 2011
4.3.1 Materiel Services Approved February 2012
4.3.2 Acquisition Services Approved February 2012
5. Corporate Infrastructure Services Footnote 1
Methodology Approved December 2011
Standards Approved July 2011
Geography In progress Approval forecast for October 2012
Collection and Regional Services BPR approved February 2011
Collection Systems and Infrastructure Approved May 2012
Systems Development In progress Approval forecast for January 2013
Operations and Integration Approved March 2012
Tax Data and Business Register Approved September 2011
Enterprise Statistics Approved March 2012
Microdata Access Division Approved April 2011
International Relations In progress Approval forecast for October 2012