Website traffic and visitor satisfaction

Statistics Canada conducts visitor evaluations of its website regularly to ensure that the design and content of the website stay in step with visitors' changing needs.

Website traffic

Website metrics and traffic trends are reviewed for the purpose of understanding and optimizing Web usage. Chart 1 shows visits to the Statistics Canada website through the years.

Chart 1 Visits to the Statistics Canada website - 2006/2007 to 2016/2017

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Chart 1 Visits to the Statistics Canada website – 2006/2007 to 2016/2017
Fical year Number of visits
Note: Visit based on the IP address of the visitor (a series of pages viewed within 30 minutes counts as one visit).
Source: Statistics Canada website trends.
2006/2007 16,340,117
2007/2008 15,326,781
2008/2009 17,525,421
2009/2010 16,786,730
2010/2011 18,448,670
2011/2012 20,190,456
2012/2013 20,658,574
2013/2014 25,217,504
2014/2015 23,171,046
2015/2016 22,175,480
2016/2017 27,501,818

Information about the protection of personal information of visitors to the Statistics Canada website is available on our Privacy notice page. 

Visitor satisfaction

In January 2017, Statistics Canada sought feedback from website visitors on topics that included task completion success rates and overall satisfaction with the website.

For more results and information, go to our Statistics Canada's Website Evaluation 2017 page.

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