Providing Guidance and Building Awareness

Statistics Canada uses several different tools and approaches to help build awareness and understanding of the regulatory requirements of the Corporations Returns Regulations.

On the Agency's website under the module 'Information for Survey Participants', Canadians and businesses can find information on all surveys conducted by Statistics Canada including information on the Corporations Returns Act.

In an information package sent to respondents, the Agency includes a user guide which explains the regulatory requirements of the Act, provides instructions on how to complete the forms, and lists contact information.

Finally, Statistics Canada takes a proactive approach in determining who should be reporting information required by the Corporations Returns Act. To assist corporations in fulfilling their responsibilities under the Corporations Returns Act, the Agency uses administrative data and internal survey data to identify which corporations need to report. These corporations are then contacted by Statistics Canada and provided with the necessary forms to be filled out. This proactive approach helps to ensure corporations are able to meet their obligations under the Corporations Returns Act.

For more information

To learn about upcoming or ongoing consultations on proposed federal regulations, visit the Canada Gazette and Consulting with Canadians websites.

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