Microdata access and engagement subgroup

As Canada’s national statistical organization, supporting optimal access to, and use of, the de-identified, anonymized micro data collected is core to our mandate and a key priority. By making data available to researchers, provincial, territorial and municipal governments, Statistics Canada is enabling the exploration of in-depth analysis and paving the way for users to discover new insights and understanding of important socio-economic issues. Providing access to data must be done while also protecting the privacy and confidentiality of Canadians’ personal information, which is a legal obligation that is core to Statistics Canada’s values.

Statistics Canada continues to improve and modernize convenient and timely data access for data users across Canada with new and existing technologies. Initiatives underway include the development of research data centres, virtual data labs and expansions of access to business data. Data sharing provisions under the Statistics Act allow us to collaborate with other government departments and various institutions in the collection of information. This helps to reduce response burden on Canadians and avoid duplication of collection while at the same time promoting and improving research.

In keeping with this mandate, the Chief Statistician is seeking the advice of the CSAC for recommended approaches to data sharing and communication methods to engage with various stakeholders.