Minister's Message

James Moore

Canada will continue to benefit from responsible economic policies in 2015/2016, including our low taxes, free trade opportunities and responsible investment regime.

The Industry Portfolio will help sustain job creation and economic growth by effectively managing programs and services that help Canadian companies compete and innovate. Canadians can depend on our government to invest in programs that benefit them the most. In 2015/2016, the Industry Portfolio will continue to invest in world-class research and innovation that help companies compete at home and abroad.

In 2015/2016, Statistics Canada will continue to execute its mandate by providing Canadians with accurate, timely and objective information about the state of Canada's economy, environment and society. This year, in response to emerging information needs of users and stakeholders, Statistics Canada will be developing new information in the areas of advanced technologies, children's health, job vacancies and wages.

The Industry Portfolio will help deliver on our government's commitment to return to a balanced budget by managing programs and services effectively. I am confident that we will meet our objective and that Statistics Canada will continue to contribute toward economic growth and prosperity that benefit all Canadians.

James Moore
Minister of Industry