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January 3, 2019
Canadian and American flags - Drapeaux canadiens et américains

Update Feburay 18, 2019 – The release for Canadian international merchandise trade data for the December 2018 reference month, originally scheduled for February 5, has been postponed to March 6. In addition, the release of data for the January 2019 reference month, originally scheduled for March 7, will also be delayed. Release dates for subsequent reference months will likely be affected as well.

November 9, 2018

Periodically, the StatCan Blog publishes a guest post on research at Statistics Canada. This post is from Deirdre Hennessy and Bill Flanagan, research analysts in the Health Analysis Division.

October 28, 2018

Update December 3, 2019 - Collection for financial data from banking institutions was stopped in November 2018.