Application for accreditation

Requirement Supporting documentation
Research experience and technical competence to work with the data requested.

Curriculum Vitae that demonstrates research experience and technical competence, including any or all of the following:

*most significant research contributions

*graduate student supervision

*membership in professional bodies (e.g., professional associations or societies, grant evaluation committees, etc.)

*funded research projects

*research chairs or other awards recognizing research achievements

*relevant presentations to government or non-governmental groups

*invited lectures

*refereed publications in the past 5 years that illustrate technical competence
Graduate students must provide a letter of support indicating that a senior researcher will advise or assist the student to resolve statistical or analytical questions arising during the students' research. Letter from the graduate supervisor who must also be listed on the student's project as a co-investigator; or Letter from the principal investigator on the contract, if the student is a co-investigator.

* Elements captured in the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council curriculum vitae.