September 2015


Researchers may apply for remote access to the Workplace Employee Survey (WES) through a service offered by CDER. Access is granted under certain conditions and remote access to the data is offered on a cost recovery basis. When applying for remote access, justification is needed as to why access to the data through an RDC is not being sought.

Once a project is approved, researchers are provided with synthetic data from which they develop and test their computer programs (in SAS or STATA). Researchers then transmit their programs to a CDER analyst via a dedicated e-mail address. The programs are run on secure data servers by the analyst, who also vet the outputs to ensure they meet disclosure and confidentiality requirements and return the vetted outputs to the researcher via e-mail.

Note: The researcher is fully and entirely responsible for developing and testing his/her programs before submitting them to be run. Statistics Canada does not provide programming assistance, offer support for the use of software, or make modifications to the programs that are submitted. If a program does not run properly, or if the researcher submits too many complex programs, the researcher must modify the programs and re-submit.

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May 2015

The Workplace Survey is now available at CDER!

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