Pricing Policy

CDER is run on a cost-recovery basis; as such, all researchers must be able to cover all project costs, including the cost of having their project proposals peer and committee-reviewed.

The costs of a project depend on a variety of factors such as:

  1. length of time required to access the CDER facilities
  2. whether the data set exists or needs to be developed
  3. how much output needs to be reviewed for confidentiality.

This means that there is no standard project cost. Each project will be reviewed by CDER to determine the individual cost. Here are some elements to consider for a simple project:

  • whether a project makes use of an existing database
  • whether the project can be completed in 3 months (66 days)
  • if the expected output of the project would take no more than 4 days for a Statistics Canada analyst to review for confidentiality issues
  • if there are project submission fees (see below)
  • whether there is a need for housing the researcher(s) and providing them with access to CDER facilities (office workspace, workstation, server, data storage, etc.), which is the largest element affecting the cost

Please note that prices are subject to change without notice. When you have all elements for your application, please contact us at to request a more precise costing for your specific project.

Project submission fee

Researchers not affiliated with a federal government department will need to have their projects peer reviewed, so that Statistics Canada can ensure that the projects meet professional standards and that they are being carried out by professional researchers.

  • There is a submission fee of $200 to have the project reviewed by the review committees.
  • There is no submission fee for projects that have received funding from an official granting agency.

Projects that have received funds from an official granting agency (Social Science and Humanities Research Council, National Sciences and Engineering Research Council or Canadian Institutes of Health Research) will be considered to have met the professional standards criteria. Researchers associated with these approved projects will also be considered to have the professional qualifications to carry out the project.