Application Process - Government Applicant

Steps for researchers affiliated with a federal government department

  1. Proposal submission
  2. Departmental approval
  3. Security clearance validation
    • The applicants will receive an invitation from CDER to move forward with Steps 4 and 5 of the application process once:
      • Steps 1, 2 and 3 are completed;
      • The analytical dataset is ready;
      • Informatics accounts have been created; and
      • Purchase confirmation or Letter of agreement (LOA) has been approved.
  4. Become a deemed employee of Statistics Canada
  5. CDER Orientation session

Step 1: Proposal submission

Send your proposal by email to

Once feasibility and cost of the project are established, CDER will contact the researcher by email. Note that CDER and/or Statistics Canada’s subject matter specialists may request revisions to the proposal before moving forward with the application.

Please do not hesitate to contact the CDER team to obtain expert advices and information about data availability while drafting your proposal.

Additional documents required for academics contracted by a federal government department or agency: copy of contract between the researcher and the department.

Step 2: Departmental approval

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) should be signed between your department and CDER, to describe the arrangements under which the microdata will be accessed. Please contact CDER if you wish to initiate the process to sign an MOU or to verify if an agreement is already in place.

For each project, provide a letter of support for the project from the senior official identified in the MOU. The senior official must indicate in the letter that they have reviewed and approved the project proposal to be conducted under the MOU between their department and Statistics Canada. The letter must include the project title, the name of the researchers and their affiliation and a description of how the project will contribute to the department’s research priorities. A template of such letter can be provided upon request.

Step 3: Security Screening

Before starting any work on CDER data, all applicants who will be involved in the data development and/or analysis on an approved project must obtain a valid security status – reliability level (see Security Process).

Step 4: Becoming deemed employees

All project applicants must be deemed as employees of Statistics Canada before the project can start.
This requires:

  1. Taking the Oath of Office or Solemn Affirmation in Section 6 of the Statistics Act to be deemed an employee of Statistics Canada for the duration of the project
  2. Signing a Microdata Research Contract (MRC)
  3. Having read, understood and will comply with:
    • Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector
    • Statistics Canada Code of Conduct
    • Policy on Conflict of Interest and Post-Employment
    • CDER guidelines for Deemed Employees
    • Security Practices Manual
    • Directive on Security of Sensitive Statistical Information
    • Directive on Transmission of Protected Information
    • IT Security Policy
    • Network Use Policy
    • Directive on the Use of Deemed Employees
    • Information and Privacy Breach Protocol
  4. Understanding the potential penalties should the Researcher(s) contravene the terms and conditions of access to the Information; and the penalties should the Researcher(s) contravene the Statistics Act and any applicable related Acts, including the Income Tax Act or the Excise Tax Act

CDER will schedule a sign-in session and an orientation session for the researcher(s).