Proposal requirements

Any proposal for submission must have sufficient details, so as to determine the feasibility of the project. This will include a data perspective, costs, and professional merit. Note that CDER only considers research projects that are not descriptive in nature. If you wish to obtain custom tabulations, you will need to contact the appropriate subject-matter division within Statistics Canada, or contact us at for more information.

The following are requirements to submit your initial proposal to CDER to obtain costs and feasibility.

  1. Justify the research including context, research question, and the project's contribution to the literature.
  2. Prepare an analytical framework and detailed data requirements, proposed methodology, justification for using the microdata, the expected output (the number and type of tables), software requirements, and the expected start date and duration of the project.
  3. Include the name and contact information of each researcher expected to work on the project.
  4. Submit these to the CDER manager at

Once the cost and feasibility of the project have been established, the following information must be added to the proposal.

Note: the following information is not necessary in the case of proposals from federal government departments.

  1. The identity and contact information for each of the researchers and their role in the project. Each researcher must, however, submit an application for accreditation. This will be processed concurrently with the project submission.
  2. A letter from the lead researcher (in the case of graduate students, their thesis supervisor) providing the following details:
  • how the project costs will be covered;
  • the results of a project review, which must have been approved by either:
    • Statistics Canada peer review (Researchers may wish to have Statistics Canada review the project in advance of an application/decision from a granting council. If the project has already received funding from a granting council, a letter from the council that indicates this is required.); or
    • an official granting council (Social Science and Humanities Research Council, National Sciences and Engineering Research Council or Canadian Institutes of Health Research).
  • researchers must be sworn in as deemed employees of Statistics Canada, and show they are willing to abide by all the terms and conditions of access to microdata listed in the Research contract;
  • researchers must assure that the sole purpose of the project is academic research, and show that there are no conflicts of interest (monetary or other) to declare by any member of the project team; and
  • researchers must commit to producing a research paper for Statistics Canada based on their project.
  1. If the project proposal has not been adjudicated by a granting council, a submission fee will be paid to cover the cost of reviewing the project. More details on the costs of undertaking a project at CDER are available at the following link to CDER pricing policy.
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