Federal-Provincial-Territorial Committee on Transportation Statistics - 2010

1. Agenda

  1. Introduction
    • Acceptance of proposed agenda
    • Approval of minutes of last meeting held October 20, 2009
  2. Modal updates
    • Aviation Statistics Program
    • Multimodal Program
    • Trucking Statistics Program
  3. Provinces/territories status reports
  4. North American Transportation Statistics (NATS) interchange presentation
  5. The Services Producer Price Index (SPPI) Program – focus on transportation services
  6. Update on Transport Canada initiatives, part I
    • Cargo density and production measurement in transport
    • Data regulations update
  7. Update on Transport Canada initiatives, part II
    • Port Utilization Indicators
    • National aviation forecasts
  8. Conclusion and closing remarks

2. Minutes

The meeting minutes have been provided to the committee members for distribution within their jurisdiction.

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