2021 Census of Population Dissemination Consultation

Consultation objectives

The next Census of Population will be held in May 2021.

With each census, Statistics Canada improves its methods of disseminating information to the public. This is done by seeking ways to publish census results in a timely and accessible manner while maintaining high data-quality standards. A primary goal of the dissemination process is to maximize the user benefit of Census of Population products and services.

Suggestions, ideas and opinions expressed during this consultation will ensure that Census of Population data are accessible and relevant. As part of the development of the Census Program, data users are invited to communicate their experiences and provide recommendations. Statistics Canada reviews many aspects of the Census of Population dissemination program, such as release dates, products and services, output media, levels of geography, and the census web module.

Statistics Canada carefully considers this input to produce a product and service line that will meet users' requirements.

For more information, please visit the 2021 Census of Population Program Consultation webpage.

How to get involved

This consultation is now closed.

Consultation on the dissemination strategies and product and service line of the 2021 Census of Population through the online questionnaire is no longer available. Statistics Canada collected a wealth of information from data users and interested parties across Canada who shared their views on the 2016 Census of Population dissemination strategies and product and service line. Statistics Canada thanks all consultation participants.

If you would like to provide us with further feedback or suggestions on dissemination strategies (including products and services) for the 2021 Census of Population, please email the census consultation team at statcan.censusconsultation-consultationrecensement.statcan@canada.ca.

Statistics Canada is committed to respecting the privacy of consultation participants. All personal information created, held or collected by the agency is protected by the Privacy Act. For more information on Statistics Canada’s privacy policies, please consult the Privacy notice.


Results are summarized in the following report.

Statistics Canada thanks all participants for their interest and enthusiastic participation in 2021 Census of Population Dissemination Consultation.