Registration information

For all service providers who have not yet on boarded to CERS requiring an Authorization ID for CAED, please submit the following application to Statistics Canada.

The toll free facsimile number at Statistics Canada is 1-888-269-5305.

Upon receipt of all CAED Authorization IDs, the business number (BN) will be verified that it is active for exporting. Once BN verification is completed, the applicant will then be contacted by the CAED helpline.

For more information on the CAED software contact CAED.

The CAED program is being fully replaced by a new export reporting system, the Canadian Export Reporting System (CERS), by September 30, 2020. The CBSA and Statistics Canada have mutually agreed to retire CAED due to its aging technology. CERS has been designed by the CBSA to meet current export program requirements while providing flexibility to allow for future enhancements.

Notice: Export declaration submission

The CAED application is no longer available for new applicants. New applicants must register with Canadian Export Reporting System (CERS).

Once you have started submitting export declarations using the CERS Portal, please stop submitting export declarations using CAED. Using both systems at the same time increases the risk of encountering complications during the transition period.

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