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Find the latest information on low income from Statistics Canada, including tables and articles. This guide is a selection of key resources and is not a complete list of our collection on this topic. Some of these resources may have been archived. This means that they have not been updated recently, but they are still the most recent information we have on this topic.

Tables on low income
Title Details
Persons in low income before tax Summary table
Persons in low income after tax Summary table
Selected Demographic, Sociocultural, Income and Labour Characteristics and Low-income Geographic Concentration in 2010 for the Population in Private Households of Canada 2011 National Household Survey (NHS) table
Demographic, Sociocultural, Education and Labour Characteristics, Sex and Income Status in 2010 for the Population in Private Households of Canada 2011 National Household Survey (NHS) table
Low income cut-offs before and after tax by community and family size, 2011 constant dollars CANSIM table
Family characteristics, Low Income Measures (LIM), by family type and family type composition CANSIM table
Publications and articles on low income
Title Catalogue number
Income in Canada 75-202-XWE
Low Income Lines, 2013-2014: Update 75F0002M2015002
The High Education / Low Income Paradox: College and University Graduates with Low Earnings, Ontario, 2006 81-595-MWE2010081
School-age Population Living in Low-income Circumstances 81-599-XWE2009004
Low Income Measurement in Canada: What Do Different Lines and Indexes Tell Us? 75F0002MWE2010003
Low Income in Canada: A Multi-line and Multi-index Perspective 75F0002MWE2012001
Additional resources on low income
Title Details
Income of Canadians Latest news release
Comparing Low Income of Canada's Regions: A Stochastic Dominance Approach Archived A method of comparing low income
On poverty and low income Archived Difference between poverty and low income

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