Teenage pregnancy

Find the latest information on teenage pregnancy from Statistics Canada, including tables and articles. This guide is a selection of key resources and is not a complete list of our collection on this topic. Some of these resources may have been archived. This means that they have not been updated recently, but they are still the most recent information we have on this topic.

Tables on teenage pregnancy
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Pregnancy outcomes by age group
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Summary table
Pregnancy Outcomes Archived Data publication
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Data publication
Live births, by age of mother CANSIM table
Crude birth rate, age-specific and total fertility rates (live births) CANSIM table
Live births, by age and marital status of mother CANSIM table
Live births, by age and parity of mother CANSIM table
Publications and articles on teenage pregnancy
Title Catalogue number
Life after teenage motherhood Archived 75-001-X200810513209
Second or subsequent births to teenagers Archived 82-003-X20060029525
Teenage pregnancy Archived 82-003-X20000015299
Additional resources on teenage pregnancy
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Vital Statistics - Custom Tabulations ($) Service

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